What will the partner get?

PAGEONE Media is the creator of Wildfyre. Wildfyre is created to partner with commercial bloggers, develop their websites and mange their social media pages. The main goal of Wildfyre is to create online platforms that is mutually beneficial to bothe the blogger partner and PAGEONE Media.

As a blogger partner, PAGEONE Group may organize learning sessions that will help blogger partners learn new techniques and strategy in content creation, website management and reading analytics.

PAGEONE Group may also organize events that will let them meet the people behind big brands and understand how to properly tell the story of the brand.

PAGEONE Group may also organize events that will gather all the blogger partners and engage with each other (e.g. movie screening, night outs, dinner nights etc)


As a blogger partner, PAGEONE Media will provide the following:

  1. FREE WEBSITE. PAGEONE Media will develop the blogger partner’s website for free. PAGEONE Media will also manage the partner’s website to ensure that the website is functioning all the time and is updated with the latest functionality that will ensure the blogger partner’s success in blogging.
  2. FREE & CO-MANAGED SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT. PAGEONE Media will setup the blogger partner’s social media account. PAGEONE Media will co-manage the blogger partner’s social media account to ensure the website content’s visibility on social media.


As the creator partner, PAGEONE Media will be allowed to do the following:

  1. FREE SPACE. PAGEONE Media will have a space on the the blogger partners website and social media pages. PAGEONE Media will have a section on the main page and inner pages for PAGEONE Media’s content: on the main page, one (1) banner section at last section of the main page and one (1) sidebar, and on the Inner Pages, one (1) sidebar. PAGEONE Media will also be allowed to post and boost content on the blogger partner’s Wildfyre-initiated social media page.



This partnership is purely an ex-deal partnership where the blogger partner enjoys the free website and social media services provided by PAGEONE Group.