What are our terms & conditions?


We created Wildfyre to organize a group of bloggers with high performing and metric-driven blog sites. As the blogging world becomes more competitive, and campaigns more digitized, we wanted to have a community of bloggers that have websites that is at par with the latest trends in online publishing. As a technology partner, PAGEONE will take charge of creating and maintaining the online assets (websites and social media account) so the blogger partner doesn’t have to worry about it. These assets were designed in a way that both PAGEONE and blogger partner can mutually benefit from it.

This Terms & Conditions page highlights what will be the responsibilities of both parties.



The website has two (2) parts; main page and inner pages. Each of these pages has two major section; General Area and PAGEONE Spotlight Area.

  1. General Area is the area where the blogger’s content is posted. Blogger’s content is posted in chronological order from the header until the footer.
  2. PAGEONE Spotlight is located on the lower part of the main page (near the footer) and on of the sidebars on the inner pages.



Blogger partners and PAGEONE Media can post content on both the website and social media account. Contents will be posted on their respective sections on the main page and inner pages.



All content are properly labelled to know which of the content is the property of the blogger partner or PAGEONE Media.

  1. Articles uploaded on the website will bear the author’s names. If the article is written by the blogger partner, the article will bear the blogger’s name, therefore, the article is a property by the blogger partner.
  2. If the article is written by a PAGEONE Media writer or correspondent, the article will bear the author’s name followed by “(Wildfyre)”. E.g. “Juan Santos (Wildfyre)”. This means the content is a property of PAGEONE Media



Our goal is to provide a platform that is aesthetically beautiful and functionally effective to both blogger partners and PAGEONE Media.

  1. WEBSITE – The website is 100% owned by PAGEONE Media – the creator of Wildfyre. PAGEONE Media may change the look, codes and content as deemed necessary to ensure that the website will be attractive to the audience and functionally working for the visitors.
  2. DOMAIN – The domain is also owned by PAGEONE Media, as PAGEONE Media is the one acquiring the domain for the partnership.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE – The social media account is 100% owned by PAGEONE Media and can co-post and boost content as an assistance to the partner blogger ensure that the social media account’s audience is engaged, or as an assistance PAGEONE Media’s client’s content to achieve the needed result.



  1. While PAGEONE is investing the the development and maintenance of the websites, domains and social media pages, revenue generated by the blogger on their websites and social media pages through gimmicks, promos, contest and ads is solely for the blogger, in the same way that revenue generated by PAGEONE Media is solely for PAGEONE Media. PAGEONE Media will only require a 10% fee from the blogger if the blogger’s gimmicks, promos, contest and ads will require special setting, programming and administration hours to customize the websites and social media pages.
  2. Blogger partners are allowed to create their own gimmicks or contests as long as they do not violate rules and regulations by ASC, DTI or other pertinent government agencies.
  3. Blogger partners will not collect personal data of participants and violate the Republic Act 10173 – Data Privacy Act of 2012. Blogger partners are expected to know rules in creating online promos by checking out with DTI.
  4. Blogger partners may look for advertisers to occupy the available ads spaces on the website, however, PAGEONE Media will exclusively use the Header area, one (1) MedRec (300×250) and Leaderboard (970 x 250).



  1. PAGEONE Media will ensure that the websites and social media pages will have substantial audience. To ensure that the partner’s website and social media account generate substantial audience, it is the responsibility of the blogger partner to develop their own content at least five (5) articles a month.
  2. In the event that the blogger partner fails to create and upload their own content on both website and social media, PAGEONE Media will create and upload content on the blogger partner’s website (blogger partner’s section) and social media account on behalf of the blogger partner to help prevent the website and social media from losing readership and audience.
  3. In the event that the blogger partner fails to create and upload their own content for three (3) continuous months for whatever reason, partnership will be terminated.



Termination will happen if any of the following has happened:

  1. Blogger partner failed to create and upload content for three (3) continuous months.
  2. Blogger partner violated DTI rules on online promos.
  3. Blogger partner violated Google Terms of Service.
  4. Blogger partner violated Facebook Terms and Policies
  5. Blogger partner posted content that discriminates a person, a group or a culture.
  6. Blogger partner posted content that constitute plagiarism.
  7. Blogger partner posted content that promotes violence.
  8. Blogger partner posted content that constitute fake news.
  9. Blogger partner violated the Republic Act 10173 – Data Privacy Act of 2012.
  10. Blogger partner violated the The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.



The termination may be requested either by blogger partner, or may be initiated by PAGEONE Group.

  1. Blogger partner or PAGEONE Media must inform the other party (in writing; email preferred) about the termination and the reason for termination at least one (1) month in advance. One month is the time needed by PAGEONE Media to prepare to turnover all the blogger’s content property should the blogger partner  requests for it.
  2. If the blogger partner wants to get their own content property, they must provide PAGEONE Media a new website where PAGEONE Media can upload their content, otherwise, PAGEONE Media will export all the text and image content on a word file, and submit it to the blogger partner in USB.
  3. Co-managed social media account will be terminated, unpublished, or renamed as deemed necessary by PAGEONE Media after termination of the partnership.
  4. Domain will either be recycled, or not renewed by PAGEONE Media as deemed necessary. In special cases, if the URL bears the name and is identifiable to the blogger partner (e.g. juandelacruz.com which contains the fullname of the blogger), PAGEONE Group will not renew the domain anymore. Should the blogger partner wants to get the domain, the blogger partner must wait until the domain’s expiration from PAGEONE Media.