What Are The New Features Of Wildfyre Websites In 2021?

By 2021, we are upgrading and installing the latest bells and whistles in all the Wildfyre websites to help the website perform better and help the blogger partners be more successful. In the 2021 version, PAGEONE Systems developed some powerful programs that are incorporated into the website, and here are as follows:

  • Article Level Reaction – Engage your readers more by asking them how they feel about your content by using Facebook’s Reaction emoticons.

  • PAGEONE Credentials – When the blogger partner shares the main URL of their websites on social media, it will now have a proper look. It will bear a website image, the URL and a short description.

  • PAGEONE SAP (Social Auto Poster) – When new content gets published on the website, the article post will automatically be posted on the social media page being managed by PAGEONE Group and to other social media pages owned by the blogger partner should the latter requests for it to be included. Posting time is two (2) hours after the publication of the article post.


  • PAGEONE Default Featured Image – Sometimes, the blogger partner forgets to add Featured Image. No worries, we developed a program that will use a default image should the article post got published without any Featured Image.


  • PAGEONE Featured Image Resizer – When the blogger partner uses a portrait / vertical image as a Featured Image and the article post is shared on social media, the image on the link is also vertical. This program resizes and crops the portrait image to 1980×1020 so the orientation of the image becomes landscape.


  • PAGEONE Image Maximizer – When the blogger partner uploads images on the body of the article, oftentimes, it is small because it is either the image file is actually small or the blogger partner forgets to choose “Full Size” on the Display Settings. Now, all images are maximized all the time when imported into the body of the article.


  • Instagram Feed (upgrade) – When Facebook upgraded their system, all Instagram Feed on WordPress has been affected. The new 2021 version has been reprogrammed to adapt to Facebook’s latest changes.


  • Ad Spaces – The new version now has ad placeholders and blogger partners can now see what are these available spaces for their clients (see the gray rectangular object on the image below). The labels of these ad placeholders contain the sizes. Ad placeholders are available in desktop, tablet, and mobile views of the website.

  • Facebook Comment – PAGEONE Systems has updated the new Facebook Comment section below to adapt to the latest Facebook upgrades.

  • Exclusive Facebook Pages – Currently most blogger partners share their article posts on Facebook groups that are only followed by the blogger community. These blogger groups have a very limited audience or wrong demographics. By 2021, PAGEONE Group will launch several Facebook Pages that will allow all Wildfyre websites to be auto posted and be seen by a more diverse audience.