Termination Process

Below is Wildfyre’s guide when terminating partnership with a blogger / influencer. It is important to know that the blogger is properly informed of the process so they will know to expect.


  1. Check of the website has an active content written by the blogger in the last two (2) calendar months.
  2. Check frequency of posts.

BLOGGER BRIEFING If number 1 is not satisfied – meaning, there is not active content, proceed with termination process.

  1. Privately message the blogger. Inform then that the system detected that there are no active content and the system will automatically delete the website on .
  2. Ask them the following:
    1. Are you still actively blogging? If No, proceed with termination.
    2. Can you post content in the next 2 days? If not possible, ask if that are still interested with the partnership? if No, proceed with termination. If yes, ask if we can post content on their behalf just to update the website. If denied, proceed with termination


  1. Inform the blogger that we will create a “WordPress.com” account where we will transfer all of their content.
  2. Inform the blogger that we will message them the credentials of the new website so they can access them. Remind them to change the password to make it unique to them.
  3. Inform the blogger that we will delete all of their information on the Wildfyre website once everything has been turned over.
  4. If URL is specific (e.g.sharoncuneta.com), inform them that we will not renew the URL anymore and they have to wait for its expiration so they can reuse it. If URL is generic, inform them that we will reuse the url so we can reuse the website.
  5. Inform the blogger that the turn around time for all of these is ten (10) days.