1. DOMAIN. The domain is the choice of the partner blogger / influencer. As a partner, Wildfyre will check the availability of the domain. If available, the domain will be acquired and renewed by Wildfyre as long as the blogger / influencer continues to be a partner.
  1. WEBSITE. The website comes with free hosting. The website is a designed to be at par with international online magazine look and feel. The website have the following features
    • Infinite looping Main Page
    • Large featured image on the Inner Pages
    • 10 latest post on sidebar on the Inner Pages
    • Ample space for blogger / influencer’s partner’s Ads
    • Pageviews Counter
    • Social Media sharing button
  1. FACEBOOK PAGE. All Wildfyre websites will have a Facebook page counterpart where Wildfyre team is the admin and the blogger / influencer partner is the Editor. As a partner, Wildfyre will:
    • Help post the content from the blogger / influencer’s website to the social media page.
    • Help manage the content and branding of the page.